Here are sound reasons why you should use our CARSEER vehicle history report. CARSEER is one of the world most reputable car service providers.

We provide comprehensive data from trusted sources

CARSEER report data is combined from USA, Europe, Japan, Korea and local data sources, so we provide accurate vehicle data regardless of the vehicle’s source country. We collect data from trusted sources such as the automotive agencies, government departments, insurance firms and other credible sources.

Report information is useful, readable, and available in Arabic

The information contained in CARSEER report has been attentively collected, professionally refined, and then put together in a format that is easy to read. In addition, CARSEER is the first vehicle history report offered in Arabic language.

The CARSEER report affects the vehicle evaluation

There is important information that will affect your decision to buy a particular car. Such information include photos, accident history, odometer reading and much more. Most of the information that is included in the report is not available in the vehicle inspection report.

CARSEER report is fairly priced

We reasonably price our CARSEER vehicle history report to give value to our clients. The information provided will save you even more cash by making informed decisions.

Quality customer service

Our customer service is available over the phone and the email. They respond to requests and questions promptly. Moreover, you can communicate in Arabic language with our customer service representatives.

You can get a refund

We provide an automatic evaluation of the report value for every report we process. If the report contains data that is not very useful for the particular client, we give the report FREE and initiate an automatic refund process.


You receive your reports within seconds after paying up for the service. There are no delays or excessive paperwork to be completed for you to get the report.

We have the experience

The long we have been in the market has given us understanding of what a credible report entails to assist in decision-making. We have data quality assurance systems in place to eliminate irrelevant and duplicate records and enhance data accuracy. We regularly scan the data and subject it to quality business checks to identify CARSEER notifications and alerts.

You need to know everything about your vehicle

It is your right to know all that pertains to your vehicle including any instances where the car had been stolen, involved in an accident or had title problems. We are here to assist.

Ideally, a lot of thought should go behind buying a used car. While the number of things to consider before making the decision increase exponentially each day, there are some which are paramount, and should never be ignored.

CARSEER provides a detailed report of these factors in their car history report. In the report, CARSEER goes into through global databases to make sure the used car you are about to buy serves you well. Every CARSEER Vehicle History Report contains:

Report Summary

The summary section contains a preview of vital information and alerts on the second hand vehicle you intend to buy. From the summary section, you can immediately tell if the vehicle has some major issues such as vehicle origin, number of previous owners, and the last readings on the car’s odometer. From the section, you can quickly tell the condition of the car, if the car has a history of problems, and a rough estimate of how far the car has travelled over its lifetime.

Furthermore, this section gives you the make and model of the car, and year of manufacture. It’s an ideal summary to help you learn about the car, and help you make a quick purchase decision.

General/Technical Information

Used cars go through several owners during their lifetime. Since each owner makes small modifications to make the vehicle meet his or her needs, when you buy the car, it might not be in its original condition. For instance, one owner may change the engine in the car to diesel if it used regular unleaded fuel. Another owner may change the trim of the car, perhaps to upgrade it.

When you are buying a used car, you want to know everything there is to know about the car. This includes all the general information about the car. The CARSEER report provides you with accurate general information of the car. i.e. car trim, engine size, fuel type, made in.

The information is important when you are making a purchase decision. For instance, if you know the trim, you can tell if the previous owner took out something, or added something to the car.

Vehicle Source

Another important bit of information you really want to know is where the vehicle was imported from. Most of the cars in the market are imports. Knowing which country the car came from gives you an idea as to the usage of the car. Consider a car imported from Germany. You would expect the vehicle, even if it is a second hand vehicle, to be in pristine condition compared to a car imported from a country with bad roads. Additionally, knowing where the car was imported from also gives you a clue about how the car handles on the road.

Stolen Checks

This section also gives you a brief as to whether the car has ever been stolen. Car thieves are likely to do some damage to the car. If the car has a record of being stolen, you should be careful.

Vehicle Photos

Suppose you’re buying a second hand vehicle through a website. There is no way for you to verify if the image displayed on the website is the actual representation of the car. How you can be sure what you are seeing is what the seller delivers at the conclusion of the transaction? The CARSEER report gives you the actual photo of the vehicle. In fact the report gives you the most current photo of the vehicle, giving you an actual representation of the vehicle.

With the photos, you have a good perception of the vehicle which is quite good in telling the condition of the vehicle. You can compare the photos with those supplied by the seller to see if there are any discrepancies.

Ranking and Review

Lastly, the report gives you a highly detailed report of the car. The review includes facts such as how the car drives, the level of comfort you can expect and other details that will help you make the right decision. All the pros and cons are covered in this section so that you don’t have to go looking elsewhere.

These details are quite important because they are based on the actual reports of owners of the exact model of the car. From their experiences, you can tell you if you will enjoy using the car for the purposes you have in mind. Also, you can tell if the car model has any associated problems that are linked to the manufacturer.

Service and repair information

Knowing a car’s service repair history is crucial. The information gives you a hint as to how the previous car owners treated the car. If the history shows regular service and repair records, then you are sure the owners maintained the car properly. On the other hand, if there are lots of repair records, that might be an indication that the car was exposed to especially extreme use.

The service and repair information also gives you a hint as to how well the car will serve you. A car with a rich service record will serve you better than a car with a sporadic history. Armed with such information, you have the upper hand when negotiating with a used car salesman.

Vehicle Usage

How the vehicle was previously used is a key indicator on the wear and tear you can expect in a vehicle. If the vehicle was previously a rental car or a taxi, then you would expect it to show more mileage. If the car was however a lease, used by a private individual, then you would expect low mileage.

CARSEER Vehicle History Report gives you detailed vehicle usage since the car came out of the showroom. The details are a clear indication of the current market value of the car. Without such details, it would be quite hard to judge the condition of the car since it would be easy for the salesman to mislead you just to get the sale.

Accident History

In this section, you get a detailed overview of any incidents the car may have been involved in. The section details both major and minor accidents the car may have been in since it was manufactured. The details also give you a hint as to what you expect to spend down the line after buying the car.

Total Loss Accident History

If a car was involved in a severe accident, causing it to be written off, you would want to know, right? The section provides you with a detailed overview of whether the car was involved in an accident leading to total loss. If it was, then you are probably looking at a car that was salvaged. As such, the value of the car should be far more less than that of ordinary second hand cars. These details are crucial in negotiations and when you are making a purchase decision.

Vehicle ownership/registration history

A car’s history of ownership is important on several levels. First, the ownership history gives you a general overview of the number of people who’ve owned the car previously. From that number, you can make several deductions. If the car has had a lot of owners in the past, it might be an indication that there’s something off with the car. Always search for vehicles with one previous owner, or with minimal previous owners.

Odometer readings

One of the biggest frauds you have to be on the lookout for when buying a second hand car is the odometer reading. Unscrupulous dealers will manipulate these readings to give you a false sense that the vehicle has a low mileage. Doing that allows the dealers to sell the car for more than it is worth.

The CARSEER report gives you an accurate reading of the last odometer. You get the exact figure so that you are not conned. Armed with the figure, you can tell if the vehicle is right for you and for your needs.

Flood, Damage, Salvage and Junk Reports

A detailed section about issues reported about the car is important when you’re buying a second hand car. If the car was reported as being damaged as a result of a flood, fire, or other calamity, there’s a chance that the car might cost you a lot more than the purchase price down the road. Cars that were reported as damaged as a result of water or fire tend to be high maintenance vehicles.

The section flags all reported issues with the car, including whether previous owners piled junk in the car. Armed with such information, you can make the right purchase decision. Furthermore, the seller cannot mislead you when you have a detailed report of the car’s history.

CARSEER gives you all these details collected from several sources across the world. Use this section to make the right purchase decision.


The manufacturer may opt to recall a model after it discovers malfunctions in that model. Most of these recalls are as a result of safety issues with vehicle models. To be sure that the car you are about to buy is completely safe and has the manufacturer’s guarantee, CARSEER provides a detailed report showing if there were any recalls issued by the manufacturer or the agencies.

Buying a decent used car can be a difficult task. Sure you can go for the quickest and the cheapest deals, but you know how that ends. Such used cars could bring you endless headaches - and trips to garage shop, costing you a fortune in hard-earned cash and loss of productivity. But did you know that getting a good second-hand car can be a pleasant experience?

If done right, finding, buying, and financing a decent used vehicle can be effortlessly smooth. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had resourceful tips to help you find a reasonable deal? Here, I will walk you through a quick guide to help you avoid buying a lemon. Read on; you will be glad you did.

Do a Little Research

Here is the thing: don't buy your dream ride simply because it looks eye-catching and falls within your budget. Rather, proper research is called for when purchasing a good used car. You really don't want to land a lemon of a deal. And your scouting shouldn't end with knowing book value of the car.

1. Try to buy a vehicle that has only had one previous owner. A one owner car is almost always in better condition than a car with several previous owners.

2. Buy a vehicle with low mileage. A lower mileage vehicle will usually last you longer and have fewer problems. Also, a car should have no more than 25,000 km of use per year since it was new. For example, if the car is four years old, don't buy it unless it has less than 100,000 km on the odometer.

3. If you are buying a used car from a dealer, make sure they have a good reputation.

4. Stay away from cars that have been used as rentals, taxis, police cars and so on. These cars can be bought for very cheap but you will spend a fortune on repairs. These cars have often been abused.

Physical Check

How'd you know your potential buy isn't a lemon? How else would you tell if you haven't seen the car for yourself! Visit the dealer or seller to check out the ride. Does the make, color, condition, and features tickle your fancy?

Go For a Test-Drive

A test-drive can be an indispensable step in your used car buying efforts. Besides proper research and your preference, getting a good deal on a used car can be a beneficial decision if you scout diligently based on a test driver. Don't forget to ask away, making sure that you find out if any significant part has been rebuilt or replaced.

CARSEER Vehicle History Report

Head over to CARSEER to get a vehicle history report for your potential ride. If the report is negative, then you have no reason pursuing that car. CARSEER is one of the most reliable and bespoke sources of these reports. This venture will reveal myriad critical information. Has the vehicle been declared a total loss by an insurance firm? Has the odometer been rolled back? Has the vehicle been used as taxi or police? How many previous owners for this car? Getting all these vital information will save you a great deal of heartache.

Mechanic Inspection

Have the car inspected by your mechanic or any car expert you trust. A technician will make sure that your buy is in a fine condition. Besides, complete structural and mechanical inspection can save you money and countless headaches by locating the potential areas of concerns.

People are always looking to buy used vehicles, since purchasing a brand new vehicle is an unrealistic possibility for many people. The good news is that you can consider buying used cars as an alternative. They are cheaper, but caution must be observed because of the risks that are involved. Most sellers, to be able to attract buyers, resort into making the car appear better than its real value. It is important to be cautious. Keep on reading and know more about the risks that are involved, and more importantly, how you can overcome them.

Overpriced Vehicles

Some used car traders have pricing methods that may not make any sense to you, which can be discouraging on your part. Many sellers may convince their buyers by saying that price are high because quality is superior. Do not immediately believe their claims. Rather, shop around in order to compare prices and settle with one that can offer price suited for your budget.

At CARSEER Report, you can find value information about this vehicle, which will make it easier to assess if their price is indeed right.

Bad History of the Vehicle

This is another risk that should not be ignored. In most cases, buyers will be focused in the physical and technical inspection of the vehicle. Nonetheless, there are many things that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Has it been used as a rental car? Has it been involved in any accident in the past? Has it been damaged by flood? Take a look at its history in order to avoid the possibility of frequent and costly repairs.

With CARSEER Report, you will have the opportunity to see the full history of the car, including its past owners, previous usage, records of damage and write-offs, among others. All of these things will help you to easily evaluate your future car.

Damages and Hidden Problems in the Vehicle

This is why it is important to have a thorough inspection of the car before it is purchased. From the obvious dents to the damages in the interior, you should be responsible enough to scrutinise the vehicle. In some cases, however, not all problems will be visible to the naked eye, even with the physical inspection. There are damages that can be hidden from sight, but can seriously affect the quality of the car. For instance, even if it looks perfectly fine from the outside, a vehicle could have been in an accident that caused structural damage, which can cause problems later on, which is very important to know before purchasing that car.

It is also possible that it has been previously recalled by the manufacturer because of a serious problem. These things should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot in repair and maintenance.

At CARSEER Report, we will help you to uncover any possible defect in used vehicles. When physical inspection is not enough, you can rely on our report. This will increase the likelihood of making the right choice, making it possible to be provided with the best value for your money.

Incorrect Odometer Readings

When buying a car, a better choice would be one that comes with low odometer reading. This means that it has not yet been extensively used since it has travelled at minimal distance. The problem, however, is that some sellers resort into manipulation. They deliberately lessen the odometer reading to make it appear that the car has not been used that much. In turn, this will command a higher selling price. With this, be careful when looking at odometer readings and it should never be used a strong basis to gauge the value of a car.

At CARSEER Report, we will provide you with real odometer readings from original sources, which are never tampered!

Specifications are not original

As a responsible buyer, you should also take a look at the specifications from the manufacturer. The seller of the used car may claim higher specifications compared to the original, with high hopes that this is going to lure buyers. You need to learn how to distinguish the original specifications from the specifications that have only been added by the seller for the purpose of making the vehicle appear to be better.

At CARSEER Report, you will be provided with comprehensive details on the original specifications of a vehicle. You will also see photos from the country where it has been imported. This will make it easier for you to ensure that the specifications are right.


When buying a used car, risks will always be present. With the help of CARSEER Report, however, these risks can be alleviated. You will be provided with a helping hand in the assessment of used vehicles making sure that you will end up with the right choice.